The Problem

Our planet is going through a circumstance of both social and environmental crisis; examples of it are the significant extinction of species and the imminent climate change, disasters that scientists attribute to human action and are within our grasp to control. Facing this, new generations have shown it is possible to take actions that contribute to improve the ecosystem through an adequate use of natural resources.


It might sound contradictory, although man is considered to be the most intelligent animal on Earth (according to himself), in reality, he´s endangered his own existence and the biodiversity that sustains it. That´s why protection and proper respect of Earth´s riches are urgent.


Reality is clear, short and to the point: we have little time to solve the big environmental problems we´re facing and to achieve this both governments and private companies, monitored and supported by organized civil society, should join efforts and work towards achieving this goal together.


While the world struggles to reduce global warming by two degrees centigrade (in regard to a pre-industrial era baseline) through compliance with the Paris Agreement, which will come into effect, if governments allow it, after COP26 (the 26th session of the Conference of the Parties) in December 2020; or an international team of scientists seeks to prevent a sixth mass extinction through the Global Deal for Nature (GDN), an ambitious plan that represents the opportunity to address climate deterioration while aiming to preserve all of the planet´s species (everything before 2030),