Mining for gold might conjure up quaint images of rolled up pants, a sieve and soothing sound of the river. But in the Amazon, miners are more likely to be waist deep in polluted water laced with poisonous chemicals.


In fact, mining the gold for just one wedding ring can damage a river forever, as mercury and cyanide are released into the river along with twenty tons of sediment produced by blasting the riverbank.


In Peru, much of the rainforest being mined illegally killing all the forest all around it. Today,  20% or more of the gold coming from Peru is illegally mined.

In the rainforest mining means detonating explosives on riverbanks and digging deep craters in areas cleared of forest. After a pit has been created, miners use pressurized water to wash away debris and drain the area.


Miners then use mercury and other dangerous chemicals to help separate the gold from the silt. The gold and mercury bind in an amalgam making the gold easier to extract. Yet much of the mercury remains in the water and returns to river.


Local government officials are often complicit, turning a blind eye to illegal and dangerous mining practices, unregistered mining concessions, and illegal mining on State and indigenous land.

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