Who we are

LatAm Save the World

The Rainforest Coin (RFCoin)


LatAm Save the World (LSW) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) aware of the ecological crisis that the planet is going through; therefore, it has set itself the goal of saving the world; by means of productive areas able to fully support families and communities, through recycling schemes of nutrients and waste, as well as taking maximum profit of low-consumption energy.


This NGO seeks to generate ecological awareness with actions that produce significant changes on the planet. LSW involves society as a change agent, working with economic models such as the RainForest Coin (RFCoin)  cryptocurrency and all the environmental rescue programs of both flora and fauna, dedicated to the millions of species that inhabit the planet; without leaving aside schemes, such as Bonds or Carbon Credits (one of the three mechanisms proposed in the Kyoto Protocol for the reduction of emissions, which cause the  global warming or greenhouse gases), as a clean development mechanism (CDM).


With the Cryptocurrency RFCoin and Diamond MilCoin, LatAm Save the World, together with LatAm OceanRE Ltd. & MilCoin Network, will participate in the acquisition of 10 million hectares of land, with nearly 3,000 km of beach-fronts in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean, among other countries. Here, an important real estate development will be launched. This is where the work of LatAm Save the World plays a very important role, since it will the responsible entity of monitoring and regulating that 90% of the acquired territory is mainly dedicated to the environment and biodiversity conservation. This will allow, under strict environmental controls, that only the remaining 10% is used for the construction and operation of hobby-based resorts, as well as luxury villas.


A pro-environment cryptocurrency


Among economists, a common argument is that prosperity requires growth, although it takes regrettable but unavoidable environmental damages as consequence. RFCoin redefines this premise, since its objective is to connect economy with ecology, backed by 20 Million Hectors of Rainforest.


Although, LatAm Save the World has an ecological-sustainable approach, it also supports Human Rights, in those situations where there is illegal business or political issues (ecological or human rights violations).


Furthermore, LatAm Save the World will encourage and reward the work of the most outstanding activists focused on the environment, sustainable initiatives and on the best environment and conservation practices.


Carbon Bonds


Although we know that it is impossible for human beings to leave no trace on the earth, the goal of LatAm Save the World is to restore the balance of the environment and reduce the average carbon footprint of an individual, so this NGO will be involved in the Carbon Market, so with the use of Carbon Bonds it is more likely to mitigate the generation of GHGs, to benefit companies that do not emit or reduce their GHGs emission, and also to charge those that produce more than what is permitted.


According to a research, titled The extreme inequality of carbon emissions, published by Oxfam, an international confederation that works for the eradication of poverty in more than 90 countries, it is assured that climate change is inextricably linked to economic inequality. Hence, the importance of the participation of LatAm Save the World in the global initiative, of putting into practice, what was agreed at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.